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About us

What is Shovot?

Shovot is a word that most people may not know and where it came from. Well, it is simply a slang Filipino word which means SEXY. Launched on July 26, 2010 It was originated in Quezon City, Philippines wherein Shovot Remix Deejays collaborated and aimed for one goal. To full-fill the needs of every deejay in terms of remixed/extended tracks for their gigs and to be a well-known remix service group in the world.

How Shovot Remix Started?

Shovot Remix started in 2010 on a simple party held at one of the member’s crib in Quezon City. While in the middle of enjoyment and brain-storming, members agreed to have a twist on making a remixed track album since we all have the same passion. Our concept was instead of putting DJ gadgets such as Turntables, CDJs, Heaphones, as well as images of a crowd going crazy on the album cover, We will put “sexy ladies” on the album cover accompanied by eye-candy background colors makin’ it HOT!

Though some of the pioneers of the group like DJ Jzee and DJ Quacker already made remixed tracks years earlier. Their tracks had been used by some of the club great club deejays out there. Jzee and Quacker were so generous on sharing their knowledge not only about DJing but also on track-remixing. They never give up on mentoring you even you are a slow-learner as long as they see that you are determined to learn and you have the passion on doing it. Just avoid boasting on them or else… Your first session will be your last.

Because of the positive attitude of the pioneers, It is never been a challenge recruiting remixers/contributors for every album release. Wannabe members offer themselves voluntarily. But of course they must submit first their mixed-track samples for the Administrator’s evaluation and approval of membership. We were releasing albums composed of 10 tracks or even more, with a genre of
Hip-Hop & RnB, Pop, Mash-ups, and Hyped Edits as well.

What are the differences of Shovot Remix to other Remix Service Groups?

The difference of Shovot Remix to other remix service groups is the quality of our remixes and sound distinction. We do our stuffs completely different from others. Every beat and every rhyme are all out of our imagination. We have the desire for our patrons that they should like every single track that we make. While other remix service groups are just doing it for the sake of money and popularity.
Shovot Remix is all about fun, passion, and dedication.

Remix Team:
Dennis Marqueses (DJ Quacker)
Jonathan Castillo (Dj Jzee)
Sherwin Harn (DJ ZsLickHaRn)
Ougee Ramos (DJ O.G.)
Ian Sanders (DJ Sndrz)
Deo Burgos (DJ Killahertz)
Owel Rivera (DJ Owel)

– Shovot Remix Team

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